Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy

Today, August 23rd is my Daddy's birthday.

I must say that August is an emotionally tough month for me. Lots of happy and sad events have happened throughout the years during this month.

Today I am remembering Daddy and missing him. I remember so many silly things he said, things which many of us in the family say ourselves now! I remember the almost daily calls, usually just to talk or check on me. I remember how much he liked to pick up his "sweethearts" (my daughter and niece) and take them out for ice cream. I remember how when a grandchild was sick, he always came to visit with ice cream and 7-up! I remember how on Valentine's Day he always showed up with a red rose in a bud vase for me. I remember how he would always lend a hand to help out with anything that we were doing. I remember one year we were going to have a surprise birthday party for him and the surprise was on us..........he went to Alaska!!! I remember going to the gas station with him and sitting in a tire leaned up against the building and going next door for ice cream! I remember helping him with his lunch the last day he was with us..............everything was too hot or too cold or too salty, so he wasn't interested in eating any of it --- until I showed him there was chocolate cake and he ate it all!

I love and miss you Daddy. Happy Birthday!



Kathy said...

What a sweet post about your dad! (My birthday is exactly a week away from his.)I enjoyed reading your memories of him.

BARBIE said...

What beautiful memories you have of your dad. I am sorry for your loss.

Whidbey Woman said...

I miss my dad, too. What a reunion we will have some day!
Beautiful tribute to your father... you'll always have those memories. Peace.

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