Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thankful Thursday!

There are so many things in my life that I am thankful for, however today I want to focus on 3 people who are extremely important to me.
My daughter, son in love and grandson are blessings in my life! I am often amazed at the ways they bless my life.
Each week I receive mail - the kind in an envelope with a stamp - from them!!! I love getting and sending mail and it is such a pick me up to get mail! Sometimes it's something silly or sweet that my grandson cut out of a paper for me, along with a sweet note, but always it's a nice treat!
They are always there with their love and support for me, as well as physically always being available to help out.
It makes my heart so proud to see the wonderful family they are, how they put each other first and do everything they do with their family in mind.
It is a blessing beyond words the bond that my grandson and I have and I know that is due in part to the support of his parents! When he was born, my daughter began sending me "morning pictures" of him, so that I could see things that happened daily as he grew - wow, what a blessing! (I am sure I have several thousand pictures saved on CD and lots that I did print, but what precious memories!) They are always willing to let me come for a visit and make it part of their routine to come visit me! They let him call me often and make sure he calls to share important happenings with me!
Anyone who knows me knows the pride I take in these 3 amazing people, but I think it is important to always make sure they know how thankful I am for each of them!
I love each of you!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy

Today, August 23rd is my Daddy's birthday.

I must say that August is an emotionally tough month for me. Lots of happy and sad events have happened throughout the years during this month.

Today I am remembering Daddy and missing him. I remember so many silly things he said, things which many of us in the family say ourselves now! I remember the almost daily calls, usually just to talk or check on me. I remember how much he liked to pick up his "sweethearts" (my daughter and niece) and take them out for ice cream. I remember how when a grandchild was sick, he always came to visit with ice cream and 7-up! I remember how on Valentine's Day he always showed up with a red rose in a bud vase for me. I remember how he would always lend a hand to help out with anything that we were doing. I remember one year we were going to have a surprise birthday party for him and the surprise was on us..........he went to Alaska!!! I remember going to the gas station with him and sitting in a tire leaned up against the building and going next door for ice cream! I remember helping him with his lunch the last day he was with us..............everything was too hot or too cold or too salty, so he wasn't interested in eating any of it --- until I showed him there was chocolate cake and he ate it all!

I love and miss you Daddy. Happy Birthday!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

A New School Year

I am blessed to work in an Elementary school office. I am beginning my 17th year doing this (wow that is a long time)! I totally love what I do and being a detail oriented person, it is a great challenge to me to get things done as they need to be done and for it all to fit together into a smooth first day of school!

I always make it a point to include prayer in the beginning of another year.

* for each person who works at the campus

* for each child who will soon come through the doors

* for each parent, grandparent, caregiver who is so essential in the child's life

* that I may be able to make a difference in some small way

My grandson will be starting first grade next Monday and I pray each of these things for the school where he will attend also. As I use to tell his Momma each morning when we would pray before she left for school - "do your best and let your light shine", I make it a point to have that as my goal each day!

Wishing each one a wonderfully blessed new school year!


Monday, August 16, 2010


Today I received news that a young man, Wills, (22 years old) passed away. He began his battle last October when he had a lump in his leg, followed by the discovery that it was a tumor, followed by ongoing treatment.
He was a senior, about to graduate college. He had a very outgoing full of life personality. So many questions, however I know it's not ours to understand.
I do understand that Wills has won his battle. He has achieved "the goal". He has run the race and won!
Please join me in praying for his parents, siblings, family and friends. Only God's touch can possibly hold and bring comfort to a heart that is grieving in such a way.
~ Bonnie

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy Birthday to my boy!

Today (Thursday, August 12th) is my grandson's 6th birthday! As the saying goes, "time flies"! I have been remembering so many special memories that began when we found out he was on his way, right up to today.

We had the opportunity to have his "Home on the Range" birthday party this past Saturday and it was absolutely wonderful! To see his little smile as he realized that he was going to get to work with the miniature horses, take saddle and cart rides, roast hotdogs over a campfire, ride on the chuck wagon and be a real cowboy was amazing!

I feel that making memories are extremely important. I only knew one of my grandparents and have such precious memories of my time with him and I want to always take time to make memories with Caleb. I feel that spending time with him is one of the most important things I can give him! I always want to make sure he knows that his Gramma is here for him!

I am so thankful for the continued support of his Momma and Daddy in reinforcing the relationship that Caleb and I have. We both have our moments of sadness when it comes time for our visits to end, but we both can't wait till we see each other again! We have lots of little sayings and traditions, as well as several things that we both look forward to sharing.

Being his Gramma is without a doubt a great joy. I know that I have a responsibility to God to always be a good example to Caleb.

Happy Birthday Dear Caleb - Gramma loves you "the" number!

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