Tuesday, June 29, 2010

After the Rain

The last 2 days we have had some spring-like rain. It's such a refreshing smell and sight, just after the rain. I was outside earlier today, taking pictures of the many blooming flowers in my yard and thinking. (thinking happens to be one of my specialties!)

As I walked from plant to plant I smiled as I saw the new blooms. I noticed so many butterflies going from bloom to bloom as if they couldn't decide which one to pick! I was thinking how the lightening before and during the rain, along with the thunder made it sound so mighty and fierce. Thankfully there was no wind with these showers, however sometimes there are. Sometimes the wind, rain, lightening and thunder all come upon us and can be a bit frightening in the midst of it. It's important to have the confidence that God's there and faithful, regardless of what is going on all around. For me, having that confidence doesn't mean that there is confidence in myself, but rather an inner peace, knowing that He is in control of even the storms.

When the storms pass (and they always do) there is that fresh smell and newness. Just as all the plants this morning had bright new blooms from the renewing of the rain, we can begin anew after a storm, "blooming" through whatever our day holds.

Thank you for reading and thank you for all the welcomes I've received!

~ Bonnie


Denise said...


bp said...

That made me smile when I read it because I keep needing to be reminded of that over and over now!

Melody said...

I dropped by earlier this week for your first post and left a comment, but I noticed tonight that it didn't make. I just wanted to welcome you to blogging. I just started in January, but I am not very consistent - I get distracted too easily:) Maybe as new bloggers we can encourange each other to "get to work and write"- lol

Barbie said...

A beautiful post! We often have to go through the storms in life in order to see clearly. And I absolutely love the fresh smell after a rain. You're a blessing!

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