Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I am Blessed!

I have so many blessings in my life and the last week or so I have had so many "little" reminders!
With all the talk of school finance cuts, I am thankful that today I have a job! I have realized that nothing past this minute is promised to me and I feel it's important to be thankful for what I have today!
A dear friend of mine is going to get married this coming Saturday. I have felt so blessed to be a part of some of their preparations! I am so blessed to be able to see that they have "IT" and their love will just grow as they begin their new life!
I have been doing some rather deep (even for me) soul searching type thinking lately. For the most part, I have been taking inventory of the things in my life that are most important and making sure that I value and cherish those things. I know also that often times, change is hard for me to accept. I realize that God has placed specific people in my life and I need to make certain that they know that I'm thankful for them! It is often said, but I've been reminded to tell the people I love that I love them every time I talk to them and in between just because!
I received some special mail today. My daughter and I love to write cards and letters and often share packages of cards. She sent me some new ones she found and split with me. Also in the package was a baggy with some lemon heads in it, along with a note from my grandson which read: I am sending you some lemon heads. Do you like lemon heads. You can write back in a letter and circle YES or No! I am blessed!
Often I have "thoughts" that I consider God given. A way of Him speaking to me about the simple things in my life, as a way of taking care of me. On Sunday I was driving and had a thought come to mind that I needed to check my records and see how long I have had my battery on my car. When I got home, I got out my little notebook (I write down everytime I do anything to the car, from getting gas to any maintenance) and went through it and discovered that it had been long enough and that I should get another battery. (this is something I learned from my Daddy - staying ahead when I can!) Anyway, in my mind I made a note to do that this week. Early in the morning Monday, I woke up with a stomach virus and had a long dreary day, just trying to feel better. Tuesday morning I still didn't feel 100%, but went to work and made it through the day, just didn't have any appetite! This morning I could tell I was a little better, however still not all the way well. By noon, I had decided I would go get a hamburger and try to eat and see if that would help me feel better and give me some energy. I went out to my car and turned the key and nothing happened! I sat there and grinned! God gave me the "sign" Sunday and I let my focus go in other directions and was sitting there with a dead battery! A friend of mine pulled her vehicle over to mine and I used the cables from my trunk and got it started! She followed me down to a local parts store and the man there told me he would check the battery and alternator and have it ready to go when I got out of school this afternoon. My friend took me back there to pick it up and thankfully it was just the battery. I have to smile at the thought that I really do need to take time to listen and HEAR when God talks to me!!!
I love flowers and flowering plants and have several blooming in my yard already! I planted 2 tomato plants among the flowers along my fence flowerbed and it's such a nice treat to see the tiny tomatoes already on those plants! I am blessed!
~Bonnie (wonder why it is bunching all this together?)


bp said...

:) That's a great blog post!

And mine was doiong the same "bunching together" last week...they changed something on blogger and I thought I better tell you how to do it! I'll look on mine and tell you how to change it to the new way.

Cindy said...

Great list of things to be thankful for. Even the battery...having car troubles mean you are blessed enough to have a car. Right? :)

I am so glad you are feeling better too. Stomach virus is no fun.


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