Monday, November 7, 2011

In an Instant

On Friday, I got word from my daughter of an accident involving students and faculty from ACU who were traveling to Medina on a mission/service trip for the weekend.
Having gotten the information that a couple from their church were involved, as well other facility members and several students, plus at least one fatality made it a situation where things had to be absorbed.  
God is in control.   Our lives and our worlds are what they are this instant, however that is all.   There is no promise of the next minute, let alone the promise of tomorrow.   In an instant everything we "know" to be true and "know" to be our world can be forever changed. 
As a human, we try to understand and make sense of a situation that is not understandable and does not make sense.   I feel it's God's desire for us to simply lean on Him when these situations arise.  
Many families are hurting right now, including those who had loved ones involved in the accident.  Join with me in praying that God will not only bring healing to the bodies of those injured, but healing to the hearts of those hurting.
I want to live this moment to the fullest, taking time to love, because as I was reminded it can all change in an instant.


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