Thursday, August 11, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Boy!

August 12, 2011  : )

To my grandson, Caleb,

I am so thankful that God sent me such an amazing and wonderful grandson.

I am thankful that you and I have the special bond we share.

I am thankful that you love to play and laugh and learn.

I am thankful that you always "let your light shine" and are proud of the faith you have in God and His ability to take care of everything.

I am thankful that I know you know how to pray.   I know that when you pray that you believe and that God hears you.

I am thankful that each year you come up with a special theme for your birthday party and you and Gramma get to figure out what the cake will look like, as well as the "cookie cutters" that you love!

I am thankful that we send each other letters in the mail often.   (even ones we send back and forth to give each other a fright)

I am thankful that we get to talk on the phone often to share about our day!

I am thankful for the joy and excitement with life that I can hear in your voice and see in your face.

I am thankful for our songs.

I am thankful for so many reasons, but to sum it up,
      Thank you God for giving me this precious Grandson to bless my life!

I love you "the" number, more than a thousand acres!

                  Happy Birthday to my boy!


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