Sunday, August 21, 2011

"First Day"


Here it is the day before another "First Day".   Seems like life has many of them planned for each of us.  Some are less emotional, some are extremely tough, however I know you and I know that God is going to help you be successful in every one of your First Days!

As you begin 2nd grade (wow, how time flies!) I want to remind you very much I love you.  That love is unconditional and unending. always do your best!   I know that in your heart and your way of doing things, that is part of who you are, however it's what my heart needs to say! let your light shine!   I said that to your Mommy each morning after we prayed as she was going off to her school day and will always say it to you in my heart as I pray for you each morning!    You have already shown me in so many ways how God is working through your life and I am excited and anxious to see what God might do this year!

......I am proud of you!  You are my pride and joy and those aren't just words, they are my heart.  

Caleb, as you begin a new school year, remember that Gramma loves you and is always here for you!

I love you "the number" !


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