Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Son!

On this date, 32 years ago a very special little boy was born. Although it wasn't quite that early that I began to pray for God's hand on "the one" whom He had chosen to be my daughter's mate, I know that indeed God had already put His plan into motion!

When I did begin praying though, I would always include some specifics (although I know God is very capable, it's just how a Momma thinks!).

I prayed that He would prepare a man who first loved God and that had a huge capacity to love his wife. One that would be a friend and companion to her. One that would laugh with her, hold her when she cries and support her in whatever decisions she had to make. A man who would be a caring, active Father in their children's lives. A man who would be "at home" in my home.

In February 1998, I met this man! We were visiting our daughter at college for the weekend and several of her friends spent the evening playing cards with us. I remember writing in my journal later how I noticed the way he looked at her and that I thought I had met my future son-in-love! Indeed, on Saturday, June 2, 2001 he and my daughter were married!

Happy Birthday Son! I love you!


bp said...

Prayers answered :)

BARBIE said...

How wonderful!

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