Monday, November 8, 2010

~ Changes ~

I have recently been thinking about the changes that I continue to try to make in my life. I was reflecting on mistakes that I've made and how I try to do things differently rather than repeat a mistake.
Sometimes it's easier to do the same thing over and over, even knowing that the result will be the same. I guess it's part of our human nature to follow a path that seems easier at the time, rather than taking a path that may be more difficult to walk. It's my desire to be able to see before I begin down a path if it's not the best one for me and to learn from previous mistakes.
I am thankful that God walks with me, always!
Have a great Monday!

1 comment:

BARBIE said...

It's always easier to go down the familiar path, even when that path leads to a place we know we should not go. Praying that God will help you with the changes you need to make and give you grace and strength to walk the new paths!

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