Monday, January 31, 2011

I love you - "The Number"

It seems that my grandson, Caleb and I have always made little additions to our "I love yous".
He has always been a very caring little guy and sometimes out of the blue will say, Gramma and when I say yes, he will say I love you!
At one time we would add words like wider, taller, deeper, higher, stinkier to the end our I love yous. Some times he would point in one direction and then the other and tell me I love you from that sky to that sky!
Recently on one of our visits he told me I love you and I told him I love you more - to which he started saying I love you and adding numbers. He finally said listen to this number and rattled off a very large number (I think in the billions) and said that's how much I love you Gramma, "the number". Now often times when we talk, he will say I love you "the number" Gramma! Of course I love him "the number" also!
I had always heard what a precious experience it is to be a grandparent, however there is no description that completely explains it! The closest I can come is to say we love each other "the number"!

aka Gramma :)


BARBIE said...

I play this game with my 7 year old son. I always say, "I love you up to Heaven", and he says, "mommy, that's as far as you can go". I love it!

bp said...

This makes me smile!

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